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This company builds and operates the largest export terminal of agricultural products in the northwest of the country next to the new fruit and vegetable market in Zanjan city. Exporting and introducing quality Iranian products at the international level, as well as facilitating the distribution and regulation of the market of agricultural products, is one of the fundamental goals of this collection; With a registered capital of one hundred billion Rials, this company pursues valuable goals with family shareholders and with personal investment in this huge complex

Soroush Refah Parsian Company was established in 2013 and in 2015 obtained the permit for the support center for fruit and vegetable fields and agricultural products from Zanjan Province Market Regulation Commission and started its construction with the approach of completing the value chain of the agricultural sector from 2016. Due to the similarity of the components of the company’s plan with the export terminal of agricultural products, in 2009, the export development working group of Zanjan province approved the annexation of the export terminal of agricultural products to the complex of fruit and vegetable fields and agricultural products, and these two centers are adjacent and complementary. In the field of supplying, distributing and reducing export costs, preventing the circulation of 2nd and 3rd grade products, as well as providing the largest buying and selling center for products produced in the region in the new field, and by launching different parts of the complex within ten years along with production units. and officially started processing the supply chain and export of the agricultural sector on the 17th of Bahman 1401